€50 – PRICE ONLY FOR COLLECTION/ABHOLUNG VOR ORT! 2 x Klein-Karoo Thin Boerewors / Bauernwurst & 2 x Klein-Karoo Thick/Dicke Boerewors (4 x 500g – South-African Traditional THIN Beef Boerewors – Lekker! – 2 Kg


4 x 500g Klein-Karoo Thin Beef Boerewors 

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Note!!! Please bring your own cooler-box.

  • The Boerewors is made weekly, then frozen at minus 20 degrees Celsius.

Notiz!!! Bitte bringen Sie Ihre eigene Kühlbox mit.

  • Die Boerewors werden wöchentlich hergestellt, dann bei minus 20 Grad Celsius eingefroren.

South- African Boerewors – South- African Winning Recipe / Wenresep, Watertand Lekker!  To Grill or Frying the Boerewors in a pan is just as nice on medium heat, fry slow till light brown both on sides.

This offer consists of 2 x 500g  Thin Beef  Boerewors and 2 x 500g Thick Beef & Pork Boerewors – vacuum packed packages – made in Germany with German Beef. Real SA Boerewors Spices. Also nice with with Mrs Balls Original Chutney, see listing.


Allergens: May contain gluten in the spices, i.e. soy wheat gluten.