Klein-Karoo Boerewors / Bauernwurst Beef/Rind (4 x 500g) THIN/DÜNN SA Traditional Beef Boerewors – Natural Sheep Darm – Lekker! (€5,00 refundable cooler box included) – 2 Kg


26,16  / kg

4 x 500g Thin Beef Boerewors (Incl. Refundable Cooler Box) 

4 vorrätig



  • The Boerewors is frozen and packed with two ice-packs
  • Overnight delivery by request at additional cost


  • Die Boerewors ist gefroren und mit zwei Eisbeutel verpackt
  • Nachtzustellung auf Anfrage gegen Aufpreis

South- African Boerewors – Beef Boerewors/Rind Bauernwurst, South- African Winning Recipe / Wenresep, Watertand Lekker! 

To Grill or Frying the Boerewors in a pan is just as nice on medium heat, fry slow till light brown both on sides.

This offer consists of 4 x 500g Thin Beef Boerewors vacuum packed packages, 90% German  beef with the best mix of hand selected spices, in natural sheep casing, just the way it taste like in South-Africa. I have tried many different types offered in Europe over the years but this is the one I have decided to offer in Europe – Proudly South-African – made in Germany with German Beef.

Real SA Boerewors Spices.

Can of course be enjoyed with Mrs Balls Original Chutney, see listings.

Offer INCLUDES a Polystyrene Cooler Box for Transport of the Boerewors (at COST – € 6,95) which could be returned to our Farm-shop in person or by mail (say after every 3rd, 4th or 5th order, to justify the postage fee) for a € 5,00/cooler box refund.

Main ingredients: Beef, Fat, Salt, Pepper, Nutmeg, Coriander & Cloves.

The real thing, no pork meat. 100% beef in a 70/30 meat – fat/spices ratio.

Note: The Boerewors is made weekly, then frozen and packed with an ice-pack and ONLY SHIPPED on Mondays & Tuesdays, overnight delivery by request at additional cost.

Allergens: May contain gluten in the spices, i.e. soy wheat gluten.



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